Another Old Fashioned Melodrama and Olio slated

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Southwest Little Theatre will present Another Old Fashioned Melodrama and Olio, with all new plays and scenes, starting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21 and Friday, Nov. 22.

Featuring overly dramatic dialogue and excessively emotional acting, The Melodrama continues to be a favorite at Southwest Little Theatre. The audience will have the opportunity to cheer the hero and boo the villain. Concessions will include hot dogs, chips, drinks and candy bars, as well as "tomatoes" to throw at the villain.

The talents of Derick Wright, Tyler Logan, Seth Delossantos, Chrystal Farmer, Sarah Ames and Samantha Blackstone will be featured both nights.

Thursday night Olio performers include: Chris Albertson, Blake Barnes, Kaleigh Ennis, Tyler Bernard, Lindsey Crawford, Kenzie Harvey, Michael Hornback, Wila Young, Zoe Albertson, Ellie Brown, Stevie Cline, Kara Jordan, Dakota Saunders, Kaylea Young, Christina Brinkman, Savannah Cook, Crystal Trinh, Conner Teters, Blanche Kirk, Madison Decker, Decan Barnes, Allison Serrano, Alissa Walker and Kristen Hendricks.

Friday night's feature will include a comedy double-feature, "Mrs. Twiddle and the Devil." Performers include Chase Logan, Orion Lawyer, Jasmin Fielding, Brittany Hackett, Cheristi Cline, Sara Catron, Brianna Deason, Samantha Robbins and Hailey Foster.

Friday night's Olio performers include: Khalib Jordan, Levi Moore, Jymme Ash, Perry Tallant, Sean Waynick, Whitney Curry, Brandon Beeson, Katherine Hedden, Chris Albertson, Trevor Guillo, Rachell Hedden, Mariah Munday, Booklyn Hamilton, Laisha Figueroa, Jay Fields, Seth Prince, Caid Harrison, Jared Alverson, Chance Black, Makenzey Reed, Kaitlyn Roberts, Myka Cook, Gracelyn gentry, Wyatt McKeever and Alexa Hudgins.

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