Falling for Art in Shell Knob

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Democrat photo/Kerry Hays Diana Mansfield, a member of the cooperative, describes the process used in creating her baskets. Mansfield will be exhibiting her work in the upcoming Falling for Art in the Park, slated for Oct. 12 at the CCC Park in Shell Knob.

Members of the Creative Arts of Shell Knob cooperative will celebrate their second anniversary by demonstrating and exhibiting their art at the CCC Park in Shell Knob on Saturday, Oct. 12.

"Marcia Nichols and I have talked about it since the day we opened, that it would be fun to have art in the park, and we finally made it happen," said Jo Daniels, a visual artist who is a member of the cooperative.

Nichols designed the flyer with original artwork, and Eunice Blazek, another cooperative member, coined the title for the event.

"This is our first year for "Falling for Art in the Park,'" said Daniels. "Every year we try to do some kind of celebration."

Both visual and performing artists comprise the membership of the cooperative making this a unique community arts organization. The group also includes two writers. Artists live within a 50-mile radius with most coming from the Shell Knob area. All of the artists are planning to be a part of the event.

Members pay an annual fee of $30 to join with a $5 fee to exhibit and a requirement to schedule time to sit in the gallery. The artist establishes prices and the cooperative receives a 20 percent commission on all sales. The gallery is located at the Bridgeway Plaza off Highway 39 in Shell Knob.

Diana Mansfield is a member of the cooperative who sells paintings and baskets she makes from items she gathers. Mansfield considers art to be an important part of her life and wants to share that passion with others.

"My life is art, that's all there is to it," said Mansfield, "it's a work in progress."

"Falling For Art In the Park" will give performing artists who are members of the cooperative a better opportunity to share their talents. The performance schedule includes singers, guitarists, a dulcimer player and the premier performance by SKITS, a newly formed theater company started by cooperative member Jim Robinson.

Visual artists will exhibit their work and demonstrate "art in action" by creating works on site. Activities for children will also include participation by members of the cooperative.

"They're going to be doing face painting, and [the children are] also going to be doing hands-on art themselves," said Daniels.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The CCC Park is located on Highway YY, one mile east of Highway 39. A concessionaire will be providing food and drinks. In addition to showcasing local artists, the group will also be collecting charitable contributions.

"We are also asking for eyeglass donations for the Lions and food donations for the Alliance of Churches," said Daniels, who also mentioned that the VFW would be raffling a quilt.

Daniels is hoping for a good turnout and she understands that anything planned this time of year is dependent upon good weather. Daniels is excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to sharing her enthusiasm with others.

"We're planning lots of music, lots of art and lots of fun," said Daniels.

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