BC Health Department Board approves report of independent audit firm

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees voted to accept the independent audit conducted by the firm of The CPA Group at their regular meeting last Thursday evening.

"Basically, the only changes you have are because of changes in cost," said Kurt Kruger who represented the accounting firm and presented the report to the board.

"Fortunately, you try to change your revenues and services to try and match these each year," said Kruger who further complimented the board by stating, "You've done a good job of keeping the two in line."

Kruger began his presentation by pointing out that the department uses a cash based rather than accrual method of accounting, and that his firm's findings are based solely upon cash received and cash expended during the 2012 fiscal year.

Kruger said expenditures during 2012 were up by roughly 2 percent from the previous year and that property taxes were up by 3 percent which he said, "is consistent with what we've seen in other places." He also pointed out to the board that the net cash position of the department was $590,704.23, which compared to $485,684.55 from the previous year. A portion of the 2012 balance was a restricted amount of $15,509 left over from the Missouri Foundation for Health Grant.

"Right now you've got a whole bunch of money that is unassigned and not committed," said Kruger. "Now if the board at one point decided to redo the roof, or build a new building and they want to start committing money to that project they can go in and do a commitment and then we would remove that from the unrestricted amount."

John Starchman, board chairman, noted that the department does not realistically have the ability to take out a loan to cover capital improvements. "If we ever want to do any capital improvements or capital projects we've got to have some money to draw from," said Starchman, who also noted the need for prudent fiscal planning.

"Most of our contracts are through the state," said Starchman. "If something happens and they withhold their funding for some reason, we've got to have the funds to run on."

The board continued the meeting by hearing reports from staff at the conclusion of the audit presentation. Carol Landstad, public health programs coordinator, noted that the department would begin providing flu shots on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

"As the board approved a month ago, the flu vaccine that we purchased has four strains in it rather than three strains of the virus, and that's why we had to increase our fees to $25 to cover the costs," said Landstad, who noted that 1,800 doses have been ordered.

Roger Brock, department administrator, highlighted several items in his report. Included were the review and signing of the Women, Infant and Children contract for 2014, the signing of an amendment to the 2013 WIC contract, and the advertising of bids for the parking lot paving project at the Monett office. Brock also commented on the signing of an agreement with Talon Radio to provide advertising during sporting events for the 2013-2014 school year.

"I think sports radio is a great way to get the information out to the public," said Brock, who also explained that ads would change throughout the year based upon the services being provided by the department, and that each ad would be short and directly to the point.

"Folks need to be aware that they can come down here and do those things and save some money," said Starchman. "It is a public service, and that is what we're here for."

In further action taken by the board, the fuel reimbursement policy was approved unchanged and the board elected to renew their property insurance with a different company -- a move that would save the department nearly $1,100.

The draft of proposed changes to the Barry County Wastewater System Ordinance was not reviewed because Brock is still in the process of collecting information.

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