Ozarks Viewpoints

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dog days

Gone are the dog days of summer, and believe it or not we are just days away from the end of August and the arrival of Labor Day! That means in just over three weeks we will be arriving to the Fall season of the year, believed to be, by many in these parts, the most enjoyable time of the year.

Also unbelievable is the arrival of some color in the dogwood and service trees along the roadsides of the area. Dogwoods in our back yard are showing only the slightest color while the service trees along the highways in some spots are bright red.

Fall-like temperatures that have been around for a couple of weeks have served to make us appreciate what is coming in the way of weather.

A note

Weather statistics tell us that before this year when snowfall in May was quite unusual that it happened here once before, which was in 1929, or 84 years ago. This isn't a memory thing, for that was the year I was born at the east corner of Main and Sixth streets in Cassville.

By contrast, that July was the hottest of the season, by memory of my mother, who told the story a number of times of Ben Irwin using a garden hose to wet down the side of the house to cool things inside.

He was the owner of Irwin Hotel, next door to our home, which was replaced by First National Bank, now Arvest Bank.


Then there is the arrival of football season with the Cassville Wildcats opening their 2014 season on the home grounds of the Branson Pirates. The contests between the two lake-community adversaries has been a good one over the years, especially when the Pirates bring their dog and pony show to Barry County.

This will be the first full season for Coach Parnell to be in the head coach position for the Wildcats, a perennial champion in the Big Eight Conference, having the best wishes of this entire community to continue that string.


It's always heartening to tour the Cassville Golf Course during the Hillbilly Industrial Tournament, which was in its 27th year this August. No longer playing in the event, Chuck Edie, course manager, makes it easy to obtain a cart and ride around one of the days and just visit with some of the out-of-town folks who annually make it to Cassville for the competition.

They are always amazed at Cassville being able to make this type golf facility available to its members and the public. The playing conditions this year were as perfect as they might be, with the weather cooperating and the maintenance on the fairways and greens ideal. Mother Nature had something to do with this, and then Randy Meadows, greens keeper, and his crew did the rest.


Buried in the mess on the top of my desk for several weeks has been a note from Wilda Bray, of Raytown. She talked about graduating from CHS and marrying a CCC boy, Carl Bray. She's now 89 years young and noted the coverage (or lack of) on the CCC statue dedication at Roaring River State Park.

Enclosing story copy from the Pleasant Hill paper, it was noted this publication mentioned a number of Missouri parks receiving projects by the CCC, but overlooked Roaring River.

Fact of the matter is, Civilian Conservation Corps was instrumental in building all the initial facilities at Roaring River that still rival some of the new ones.

She closed with the mention of who instigated the CCC, the late President Roosevelt, stating, "What we need is more FDRs in our government, right?"


Now, for the new month, here are the best fishing days as forecast by the Almanac: Best days are Sept. 1 and Sept. 2, and Sept.16 thru 19, then Sept. 28 and 29. Good days are Sept. 9, 10 and 15. Now, there is no excuse for not doing any good fishing on Table Rock. You've got the days, now all that is required is to get out there and make a good cast without a backlash.

Remember, at all Corps of Engineer launching facilities, permits or daily fees can be required for using the facilities, including launching ramps. Where restaurant facilities are located there is no fee for going to those locations.

Table Rock, which has been above the top of the power pool with rains this month, should be getting back to normal within the next few weeks. Gates were closed for a short time to prohibit flooding on Lake Taneycoma facilities.


A saying, the origin of which is unknown, was stuck on the spike for sometime. This might be a good time to remember, "For evil to exist is for good people to do nothing!"