Truck and Tractor Pull winners named

Friday, August 23, 2013
Democrat Photo/Tucker Chugga-chug-chug Over 900 spectators turned out at the fourth annual Seligman Area Chamber of Commerce Truck and Tractor Pull on Saturday where over 72 participants competed in 22 divisions.

Perfect weather and a large gathering made the fourth annual Seligman Truck and Tractor Pull a fun event to attend on Saturday, Aug. 17 at Ruby's Convenience Store and Café in Seligman.

The event, which is sponsored by the Seligman Chamber of Commerce, drew in a large crowd of 900 attendees and 72 pullers.

Trucks and tractors made up a competition of 22 classes.

Truck and Tractor Pull results follow:

* 6250# stock tractor: Everette Brodie, first; Dale Spencer, second.

* 6000# showroom stock pickup: Rosanna Miller, first; Victor Licht, second.

* 5500# 4wd pickup: Brian McNeill, first; Jeff Bolten, second.

* 6000# super farm tractor: Scott Burr, first; Everette Brodie, second.

* 5200# 2wd pickup: Paul Pitts, first; Gene Tucker, second.

* 4700# stock tractor: Roger Blevins, first; Jim Seedorf, second.

* 6200# street stock pickup, big block: Brian Shumaker, first; Doug Tibbets, second.

* 6200# street stock pickup, small block: Alex Shumaker, first; Jason Rainbolt, second.

* 8000# stock tractor: Kyle Cushrad, first; Dale Spencer, second.

* 6500# modified tractor: Robert Sullivan, first; Paul Pitts, second. 8000# Deisel pickup: Garry Woodward, first; Kendra Mooningham, second.

* Combined class: Ben Miller, first; Kyle Cushrad, second.

* 6200# pro-street pickup: Lonnie Greenway, first, Dwayne Hardin, second.

* 10,000# stock tractor: Laramie Todd, first; Kelly Spencer, second.

* 6000# Pro and superstock tractor: Scott Burr, first.

* 6200# 2wd pickup: Gene Tucker, first; Tammy Sullivan, second.

* 8500# workstock pickup: Don Raucstadt, first; Todd Mitchell, second.

* 10,000# hot farm tractor: Chris Bandy, first; Hayden Todd, second.

* 6200# division II pickup: Brian Shumaker, first; Lonnie Greenway, second.

* 13,200# stock tractor: Kelly Spencer, first; Glen Welters, second.

* 8200# Diesel pickup: Garry Woodward, first; Chris Anderson, second.

* Open pickup: Kenneth Eagan, first. 6500# open tractor: Robert Sullivan, first.

Besides the truck and tractor pull track, the 30-acre site offers a 4x4 mud pit track for competition and is the location of the Southwest High School Trap Shooting range.

There were various vendors present and the Seligman Chamber of Commerce provided concessions and parking assistance.

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