Crowder College announces AEL grads

Friday, August 23, 2013
Ten Crowder College Cassville and Seligman Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) graduates received their high school diplomas on June 7 on the Crowder College campus in Neosho.

Graduates include Tanner Catlett, Richard Choate, Carla Jo Robinson, Derek Sandtorf and Jessica Shelton, all of Cassville, and Cody Tilford, Mary Tilford, Bethany Godsy, Will Baez and Frederick Shoemaker, all of Seligman. Instructors were Janet Ballard and Anne Collier.

Local AEL students graduate A total of 10 Cassville and Seligman students graduated from the Crowder College Adult Education and Literacy program in June. Graduates and their instructors are pictured above. In the front row, from left, are: Janet Ballard, AEL instructor; Mary Tilford, Bethany Godsy, Jessica Shelton, Will Baez, Frederick Shoemaker and Liz Hendrix, AEL instructor. Back Row: Tanner Catlett, Cody Tilford, Richard Choate, Carla Jo Robinson and Derek Sandtorf. For information on the Cassville AEL program, call 847-1706. For information on the Seligman classes, call 826-5982.

Additionally, some changes are occurring in the way students will be tested. The statewide program is moving away from pencil and paper testing and shifting to computer-based testing, with the change taking effect next year.

For more information about the Cassville AEL enrollment dates, call 847-1706. For information about the Seligman AEL enrollment dates, call 826-5982.

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