Cassville City Council passes resolutions

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Cassville Board of Alderman held their regular in the council chambers on Monday night.

Alderman Darrel Ledenham inquired about the cost of a second cart for trash pickup during the consent agenda. According to the board a change was made so that the cost of a second cart was decreased from $14 to $4. The consent agenda was passed with minimal further conversation.

The board passed two bills and three resolutions as part of new business during the regular agenda.

The council set the tax levy for City of Cassville, for real and personal property to $0.00 for each one hundred dollars accessed. This passing of the bill repealed ordinance number 1694.

The board also passed an amended Operating and Capital Budget. Amendments to the budget are as follows:

General fund revenue decreased by $43,116 and expenses decreased by $54,650; Economic Development (UDAG) fund revenue increased by $25; park fund revenue increased by $50 and expenses by $22,063; street fund revenue increased by $192 and expenses decreased by $16,462; capital improvement fund expenses increased by $6,200; water fund revenue decreased by $29,964 and expenses decreased by $13,378; sewer fund revenue decreased by $19,047; and expenses decreased by $29,269.

The total adjustments across all funds equaled a decrease of $85,496 in revenue and a corresponding decrease of $85,496 in expense.

The board discussed changing the name of Private Road 2193 to Hodge Drive. Alderman Darrel Ledenham asked the board to consider that the residents who live on the road have had five addresses in the last three years. The road leads to apartment buildings near the Hilltop area.

After debate the resolution passed. The Hodge family will pay for the new street name sign that will be installed by the city.

Steve Walensky, public works director for the City of Cassville, presented and answered questions concerning a resolution that would allow the mayor to enter into a financial assistance agreement with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The financial assistance, if accepted, would have to be used offset the cost of an engineering report to access the entire water system of Cassville.

Walensky explained that the engineering report would allow the city to see issues within its water distribution, including but not limited to, improper sizing of pipe and unnecessary loops. The assistance would be in the form of a 90/10 award, with the Missouri Department of Natural resources funding 90 percent and the City of Cassville matching 10 percent.

The board passed the amendment that the city would only accept the award if it did not exceed $29,999, keeping the city's obligation at or under $2,999.

The board also granted Walensky permission to sell surplus used meters to acquire funding to replace additional meters within the city.

Cassville Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr asked the board to a resolution that would allow the Cassville Police Department to apply for funding up to $10,000 through the Missouri Department of Public Safety with the police department matching $1,000. According to Kammerlor, the funds would be used to purchase additional safety equipment that the department needs.

The resolution passed with minimal discussion.

Toward the end of the meeting Mayor Bill Shiveley announced that Alderman Terry Heinz had turned in his letter of resignation as mayor pro tem. The board accepted Heinz's letter and voted Alderwoman Ann Hennigan as the new mayor pro tem.

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