YMCA begins fall programs

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Cassville YMCA is scheduled to start many of its fall programs later this month. Among those beginning this month are the adult softball league and the aftercare program.

Already underway this week is the gymnastic camp with new coordinator Ally (Nickle) Maben.

According to Rick Ragsdale, youth and sports director for the Cassville YMCA, there are currently only three teams signed up for the adult softball league, and he needs at least three to make a schedule and would prefer six.

The YMCA aftercare program for Cassville students will begin the first day of classes. The program offers after school care for children kindergarten to sixth grade and will be offered on regularly scheduled school days, including half days, Monday through Friday.

According to Ragsdale, the aftercare program will be held in the new FEMA building.

"We are real excited we got that new building, and it is supposed to have a lot of space," Ragsdale said.

Ragsdale explained that the program is partially sponsored by the USDA and the Ozark Food Harvest, which allows them to offer free snacks to the children.

"Because of the subsidies we receive, it is like $23 if you are a member for five days aftercare child watch," Ragsdale said.

A $20 non-refundable enrollment fee for the aftercare program must be paid at the time of registration. Financial assistance is available for those that qualify.

The aftercare program will follow a daily and weekly schedule. For the first 30 minutes the children will receive homework help and tutoring from high school students in the A+ program. After homework, the children will have snack followed by different events throughout the week, Ragsdale explained.

"Monday is kind of like an arts and crafts day where they make projects and stuff they get to take home," Ragsdale said. "Tuesday and Thursday are sports days, Fridays are free days and Wednesdays are movie days."

The YMCA has programs beginning in September as well. Practice for youth soccer and flag football begins Sept. 2 with games starting at the end of September. Youth soccer is for ages 4 to 12.

"We are going to do registration this year for a junior high team," Ragsdale said. "Last year we did it in the spring and had one, but I don't know in the fall there is a lot of other things going on."

According to Ragsdale the youth soccer tends to have the most turnout with over 143 kids involved last year.

The YMCA will offer flag football for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten as well as first and second grades. Ragsdale said they will hold registration for third and fourth grade teams, but said last year many of the kids played Mighty Mites instead.

In October adult flag football will be offered, which Ragsdale said can be pretty competitive.

Parents and adults interested in any of the YMCA programs are encouraged to visit the YMCA located at 408 State Hwy 248 in Cassville. The YMCA can also be reached by phone at 846-1535.

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