E-911 Board adopts $1.2M budget

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The E-911 Emergency Services Board held its regular quarterly meeting at the Barry County E-911 Center in Cassville on June 24.

The primary focus of the meeting was approval of a $1.2 million budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year. Changes to the budget were noted this year in a budget message prepared by Mike Philips, Barry County E-911 Emergency Services director. Phillips explained that the message is required by law and must explain, not only how the budget was created, but any major changes to the budget from the previous year.

The 2013-14 budget calls for an increase in revenue, which comes from an increase in the sales tax rate from one-fourth of a cent to three-eighths of a cent, which voters passed in 2012.

The budget also includes a $24,000 allotment to upgrade the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system that is used in recording all incidents and records. According to Phillips, the current system is over five years old and upgrading the system would allow for future growth.

Also in the budget is $446,539.42 in escrowed funds, which are being held pending the outcome of ligation with the City of Monett and its TIF. Depending on the lawsuit's outcome, the funds could be used for future capital improvement plans, explained Phillips.

According to Phillips' budget message, the 2013-14 spending plan of $1,214,715.73 is 3.65 percent less than the 2011-12 budget of $1,260,781.87.

The board voted to set the 2013-14 tax rate at the current rate of three-eighth of a cent.

After approving the new budget, financial report, tax rate and quarterly bills, the board shifted its attention to the director's report presented by Phillips.

According to the report, a new radio system was installed and is fully operational. Additionally, Barry County E-911 picked up old frequencies from the Barry County Sheriff's Office to be used as backups in case the state system should go down.

Concern regarding the current security system for the E-911 Center was addressed in the director's report. The current system is in need of repair and there are no vendors in the United States supporting the system, which makes parts difficult if not impossible to replace. Phillips said he is considering options including replacement of the entire system.

Completing the report was a list of call statistics for the Center. In March there were 8,361 total calls, in April, three were 8,651, and in May, calls totalled 8,885.

The open meeting was adjourned and an executive session was held to discuss legal matters, including the lawsuit with Monett and personnel matters.

The E-911 Emergency Services Board's next meeting was set for Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the Barry County E-911 Center in Cassville.

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