Ghost chaser to speak at Cassville Library

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Wesley Fox

Ghost chaser to speak at local library

By Joshua Boley

Paranormal investigator and author Wesley Fox will have a book signing and presentation at 2 p.m. on June 29 at the Cassville Branch Library.

Fox is a guide for Branson Ghost and Legend Tours and director of Branson Paranormal Chasers. "Dark Craft," Fox's first book, was released last fall and his new book "House of Echoes: A True Haunting" is scheduled for release July 21.

"The story is about a house I lived in, in Lowell, Ark.," Fox said.

The events that happened in Lowell fostered an interest in the paranormal, according to Fox.

"I was always searching for answers, and I did a lot of research on the paranormal," Fox said.

Fox said he has always enjoyed writing and would often find himself writing when he was bored. After moving to Branson in the offseason from Noel, Fox made use of the down time to finish his first book.

During his lecture at the library, Fox will explain the difference between ghosts and orbs and show videos from some his team's investigations. Fox said that his team's objective is to help families that may be going through a paranormal experience. The team will conduct research and gather evidence to advise the family the best course of action.

Fox said he and his team have found several people who have had some sort of paranormal experience. The sale of items like Ouija boards make the public think it's all a game, Fox said.

"It is not a game," Fox explained, "and you really can contact the darker side of life unfortunately."

The 38-year-old said he also meets a great deal of skeptics as well. As a guide for the Branson Ghost and Legends tour, Fox said there is one person in every group who doesn't want to be there and no matter the evidence refuses to believe.

On July 21, Fox and his team are doing their first Haunt Jaunt in Branson. The event will allow individuals to go on investigations with the team. This inaugural event is being held to celebrate the official release of Fox's second book.

"If I can stop one person from using a Ouija board or doing sťances, anything like that, I have done something," Fox said. "That is my ultimate goal to keep people from doing crazy things."

Wesley Fox can be reached via Facebook or email at Branson Paranormal Chasers can be contacted via email at

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