Letter to the Editor

Citizens gather to address commission

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dear Editor:

On June 13, nearly 100 concerned citizens attended a meeting with the Barry County commissioners to hear a presentation about the White River Watershed National Blueway (WRWNB).

Despite protest from many western states, Ken Salazar, head of the Department of Interior, issued "Secretarial Order 3321" that created this program. The WRWNB includes 21 counties in southwest Missouri as well as 39 counties in Arkansas and encompasses 17.8 million acres of public and private land and affects more than 1.2 million people. This program has been created and will be administered by non-elected bureaucrats and environmental groups establishing their own rules and regulations without input or participation from the property owners or "elected" officials.

This agency will have the authority to control issues pertaining to water within the entire designated area. All property owners in these 60 counties will be affected.

Rules written by this agency will almost certainly include buffer zones restricting access from all water resources including ponds, (man-made and natural) creeks, streams and wetlands. The tillage of farm land, usage of fertilizer and pesticides, installation or removal of fencing, earthworks, rain collection, tree removal, cattle grazing, and even single family homes will be affected.

Property owners will not be represented within this agency, county officials do not have a voice, and elected state and federal will not have jurisdiction or oversight over this agency. The absence of any elected officials within this agency will result in property owners having little or no input or recourse in disputes concerning the disposition of their personal property.

The last day for public input is July 6. Contact your state and federal representatives if you are opposed to this violation of property rights. For more detailed information go to: http://arkansas.securetherepublic.com/main/


Gwenn Ringger

Shell Knob, Missouri