Taking another step forward

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I have contemplated what to say in this final editorial for several weeks now. After reading my editorials over the last couple of months, I hope I have been able to make it clear just how much I love Barry County and enjoy serving the local community. I hope our readers have also received a deeper appreciation for the work put in by the many wonderful people in our community and the effort our outstanding newspaper team, led by Mike and Lisa Schlichtman, makes to cover each event, story and issue.

In preparation for our move, I have been packing, cleaning, tossing and saving items and memories that my family has accumulated over the last few years. I'm not really one to save everything, but I do allow myself one box of mementos from throughout my life. This box contains things like awards that I received in high school and college, a few letters from dear friends and loved ones, a pressed napkin from James and my wedding and reminders from Sophie's long stay in the hospital. It also contains three good luck cards, which I recently took the time to read.

These good luck cards were given to me by my friends at Justin Boot, who I said goodbye to when I married James and moved to Springfield 13 years ago, my friends at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, who I said goodbye to in order to return to Cassville, and my friends at FASCO, who I said goodbye to when I accepted a position at the Cassville Democrat. Reading these cards and the kind words of friends, I was reminded of the positive impact that each of these individuals have had on my life. Over the last eight years, I have been further blessed to have the opportunity to meet and get to know many of the wonderful people who live throughout Barry County.

Although the step I am taking now, the move and the decision to become a full-time mom, is a little scary, looking back reminds me that each step I have taken throughout my life has been in the right direction. I will miss Cassville and serving the community at the newspaper, but this week, as I shed tears and say my goodbyes, I know this step is one in the right direction as well.

Lindsay Reed