Devoted to the Dogwood Festival

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Even though the weather was cold and wet on Saturday, the Dogwood Car, Truck and Motorcycle Festival attracted over two dozen entries. The event, which is sponsored by the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce, was held on the square in Cassville on May 4.

"I am so proud of our Dogwood committee," said Mindi Artherton, chamber executive director. "They really are troopers. It was freezing cold, raining with snow flurries, and they stuck it out and really made the best out of a not so great situation.

"We had 30 cars total and really appreciated everyone of them for coming out with the awful weather," continued Artherton. "Of course, we would have preferred a beautiful sunny day, but the weather made for a memorable show to say the least."

Local residents took home over half of the Dogwood Dozen awards this year. Award recipients included: Jason Blankenship, of Eagle Rock; Larry Aeverman, James Dossett, Bud Lowe, Dustin Long and Renee Hopkins, all of Cassville; Mike Lowe, of Exeter; Kari England, of Purdy; Darrell and Carol Scribner, of Diamond; Denny Cornwell, of Bella Vista, Ark.; Morris Dillow, of Eureka Springs, Ark.; and Leon and Roberta Carnes, of Tulsa, Okla.

All of the car show winners are listed below:

* Best Presentation, sponsored by B & K Auto Body: Mike Cornelison, of Cassville.

* Best MOPAR, sponsored by Country Dodge Chrysler Jeep: Troy Lowe, of Cassville.

* Best Ford, Mercury or Lincoln, sponsored by Les Jacobs Ford: Carla Larson, of Eureka Springs, Ark.

* Best GM or Chevy, sponsored by Flat Creek X-Press Lube: Darrell and Carol Scribner, of Diamond.

* Best Paint, sponsored by Cassville Auto Body: Milford Baker, of Cassville.

* Best Interior, sponsored by Arning Companies: Joe Jones, of Monett.

* Best Engine, sponsored by Gautney's Garage: Keith Sistruck, of Brandon, Miss.

* Most Unique Car or Truck, sponsored by Rapid Tax: Ron and Kim Patrick, of Cassville.

* Most Unique Motorcycle, sponsored by Cassville Motor Inn: Ken Coy, of Columbus, Kan.

* Furthest Traveled, sponsored by Vollenweider Metal Works: Keith Sistruck, of Brandon, Miss.

* Furthest Trailered, sponsored by Remax Flat Creek Realty: Ken Coy, of Columbus, Kan.

* Cassville Mayor Award, sponsored by Ellis, Cupps and Cole: Darrell and Carol Scribner, of Diamond.

* Cassville Chief of Police Award, sponsored by Able 2 Products: Joe Jones, of Monett.

* Barry County Sheriff Award, sponsored by Freedom Bank: Ken Coy, of Columbus, Kan.

* State Representative Award, sponsored by First State Bank: Larry Daniels, of Cassville.

* Largest Car Club, sponsored by Seven Valleys Construction: Cassville Cruisers.

* Best Work in Progress, sponsored by O'Reilly's and Carquest: Danny Towles, of Bella Vista, Ark.

* Show Stopper, sponsored by Baywash Car Wash: Milford Baker, of Cassville.

* State Senator Award: Jim Craig, of Cassville.

* Classic cars, 1948 to 1972: Carla Larson, of Eureka Springs, Ark., 1928 Ford Model A, first place; Troy Lowe, of Cassville, 1950 Plymouth Special DLX, second place.

* Stock cars, 1973 to 1995: Sonny Jackson, of Little Flock, Ark., 1988 Ford Mustang convertible.

* Trucks, 1900 to 1972: Danny Towles, of Bella Vista, Ark., 1939 Ford Econoline.

* Trucks, 1973 to 1995: Keith Sistruck, of Brandon, Miss., 1979 Ford F150.

* Modified trucks, 1900 to current: Darrell and Carol Scribner, of Diamond, 1942 Chevy pick up, first place; and Renee Hopkins, of Cassville, 2004 Dodge 3500, second place.

* Street machines or rods, 1900 to current: Leon and Roberta Carnes, of Tulsa, Okla., 1934 Ford two door sedan, first place; and Carmine Androsiglio, of Cassville, 1953 Mercury two door, second place.

* Current trucks and cars, 1996 to current: Renee Hopkins, of Cassville, 2012 Dodge 3500, first place; and Cliff and Judy Reeves, of Bella Vista, Ark., 2005 Chevrolet SSR, second place.

* Imports, 1900 to current: Kari England, of Purdy, 1973 Volkswagen Superbeetle, first place; and Bill Robberson, of Purdy, 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, second place.

* C5 Corvettes, 1997 to 2004: Tim Stansberry, of Cassville, 2003 Corvette.

* Camaro or Firebird, 1967 to 1981: Larry Daniels, of Cassville, 1969 Chevy Camero SS.

* M1 Mustangs, 1965 to 1973: Joe Jones, of Monett, 1967 Ford Mustang, first place; and Jim Craig, of Cassville, 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang, second place.

* MOPAR, 1990 to 1959: Floyd Beck, of Cassville, 1950 Plymouth Special DLX.

* Motorcycles: Ken Coy, of Columbus, Kan., 1936 Harley VLH with side car.

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