CIS students earn fitness awards

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Democrat Photo Presidential Award winners Cassville Intermediate School students Nathan Garnett and Gregory Hunter achieved the 85th percentile in five fitness components during the 2013 Presidential Fitness Challenge, which was conducted at the intermediate school in March and April. The excellent performance earned both students Presidential Awards. Pictured above, from left, are: Garnett and Hunter.

During physical education classes, students were tested in the following categories: sit and reach flexibility; 30-foot quickness shuttle run; one-half mile and one mile endurance runs; abdominal strength; and upper body strength.

Students who scored at or above the 85th percentile on all five tests received the Presidential Award. The National Award was given to students who scored at or about the 50th percentile in all five categories.

Presidential Awards were presented to Nathan Garnett and Gregory Hunter.

National Award winners are listed below by grade level.

Third grade: Lily Love, Ethan Fuchs, Leslie Turner, Jayden Wolfe, Taylor Bredeson, Cutter Hicks, Kasen Holman, Ashton Lauderdale, Mya Mitchell, Landry Parnell, Aaron Fisher, Patrick Bryan, Rylon Evans, Brady Mueller, Jhandi Shears, Corey Thomas, Alexis Yockey, Eli Leach, Lily Putegnat, Sharayah Seymour and Rylan Wilson.

Fourth grade: Josh Holz, Caron Whittemire, Brett Cooper, Alex Holman, Zane Mebruer, Makayla Harvey, Jordyn Stafford, Jayden Bowman, Madison Bowyer, Olivia Holman, Layne Jung, Olivia McCracken, Hayden Sink, Kyle Brattin, Pace Evans, Gabe Hunter, Cole O'Neill, Drake Reese and Laney Roller.

Fifth grade: Deven Bates, Madry McCrackin, Daisy Olsen, Bowen Preddy, Andrew Prier, Kel Wilson, Jayda Brattin, Zoey Brookes, Kennedy Parnell, Seth Peterson, Jarrod Wallace, Bryson Wilderbuer, Quinn Cook, Carson Jacobson, Carmen Wolf, Jesse Anthonysz, Jarrett Crouthamel, Kya Kraft, Christyan Wilson, Angel DelosSantos, Devon Brookes, Michaela Cotton, Lena Greene, Carson Roller, Meghan Salkill, Jillian Hang, Eli Herrin, Mackenzie Hie, Alexa Perez and Hallie Walker.

In addition to the traditional awards, Garnett was recognized for setting new school records. He completed the shuttle run in 8.5 seconds and the mile run in six minutes and 15 seconds. He also performed 20 pull-ups in the upper body strength component.

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