MSHSAA adds new sports

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An "emerging activity" means schools can start MSHSAA-sponsored teams for those activities in the next school year.

In order for these sports to become fully recognized with MSHSAA-sponsored state championships, at least 50 schools in three of the state's eight districts must organize teams in the activities.

At that time, member schools will be polled on whether to add the state championships, and they could be added to the next two-year cycle.

Target shooting was approved by a six-vote margin, chess by a 12-vote margin, bass fishing passed by 28 votes and bowling by 56 votes.

Other changes

MSHSAA also made changes to state softball and track.

Softball will now have state championships in the fall and spring. Schools can participate in either, but only one. The ballot stated that there will be "certain restrictions on high schools participating in the spring championship series."

Currently, the MSHSAA state softball championship takes place in the fall. There are some schools that only play spring softball, which does not have a postseason.

In track, a fifth class for the state championships will be added starting next spring.

Approved by MSHSSA:

* All state football playoff games will now take place on Friday or Saturday.

* Eighth grade students who attend the feeder junior high can participate in that high school's out-of-season sports conditioning program.

* Up to three schools can cooperatively sponsor an eight-man football team, but only if the combined enrollment for the three does not exceed 200 students.

* Summer school courses can count toward high school academic eligibility.

* Athletes can participate in two All-Star contests once their eligibility in that sport has been exhausted.

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