Impressive high school honor

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend Cassville High School's National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony. This year, 17 CHS students were inducted into the prestigious organization, which recognizes students' achievements and commitments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Nearly 20 years ago, I was inducted into Exeter High School's chapter of NHS. This was one of the greatest honors I received in high school. At that time, Exeter held a tapping ceremony, which gave upperclassmen the duty of announcing the inductees during an assembly that was attended by the entire study body. After the tapping ceremony, NHS inductees were honored at a formal ceremony held after school hours.

Each school district in our local area celebrates NHS induction in its own way. The formal ceremonies held during evening hours or on weekends are beautiful events, but there is also something special about the CHS NHS induction ceremony held during the school day with all Cassville High School students in attendance. The R-4 District's choice to pull students out of class for the ceremony gives students an opportunity to be recognized in front of their peers and, hopefully, to inspire more students to work hard to earn a place in the honor society.

As CHS Principal Chris Redmon said during the ceremony, NHS is one of the highest academic achievements that students can reach during their high school careers. Cassville, Exeter, Southwest, Wheaton and Purdy students who earned a place in the organization this year should be commended for this outstanding achievement. In order to be selected for the distinguished organization, their academic records were reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility, they were evaluated by faculty members based on the NHS member criteria, they received approval from a faculty council charged with the responsibility of extending invitations for induction to only the top students in the school and their membership was approved by their high school principals.

NHS membership is something that students can include on their college applications and job resumes. Both professors and future employers recognize the amount of work that is required to become a member of the esteemed organization. In addition to congratulating all local students who earned membership in NHS this year, I would like to recognize the parents and family members who offered supportive environments to make these students successful. You have inspired these students to achieve a truly impressive high school honor.

Lindsay Reed