Butterfield aldermen discuss electrical snafu, street signs

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On Feb. 19, Butterfield aldermen heard three electric control modules had to be replaced in the new Cummins generator control box because of improper installation.

Someone installed the modules in an indoor-type of box placed on the side of the well house instead of a weather-proofed box, which would protect the electrical components during inclement weather. The existing box has been sealed, weather-stripped and silicone applied to protect the components. Aldermen determined if problems continue, the box would have to be located inside the building.

Trey Phillips, public works employee, reported wastewater samples sent for testing had failed. The cause of failure has not yet been determined, but Phillips said the sample could have been stressed during shipping or there was not enough oxygen in the sample.

Phillips said the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had been notified of the sample failure and he was awaiting a reply and instruction on what steps should be taken. Phillips also noted a routine inspection conducted by DNR in January revealed the plant was running well.

Phillips discussed the need for replacement signs in Butterfield. Aldermen opted to place adhesive stickers on the existing signs in lieu of purchasing new ones.

Officer Danny Privett, with the Butterfield Police Department, reported replacement fire hydrants were needed on Tyler and Wood streets and Business Highway 37.

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