Flood waters call for evacuations at RRSP

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Roaring River State Park evacuated all of its campgrounds and closed several roadways in the park after the stream rose out of its banks last Thursday morning.

"Water started rising around 5 a.m. and crested around 8:30 a.m.," said Dusty Reid, park superintendent. "The river jumped almost six feet total."

Park staff members began warning campers about the possiblity of flooding on Wednesday afternoon. Early notice was given in order to allow campers to pack their campsites and get prepared for an emergency evaucation.

"At 7:15 a.m., we made the decision to evacuate and started asking people to start leaving," said Reid. "We evacuated all three campgrounds and reopened campground #1 within just a few hours."

Around 20 campsites were occupied when staff members began evacuating the campgrounds on Thursday morning. In total, approximately 60 campers were asked to vacate the park, said Reid.

"Within just six hours, we filled some washed out areas with gravel, raked all the campsites, cut up the downed trees and had the rest of the campsites open," said Reid. "Clean-up efforts started immediately and will take a couple of weeks to fully complete, but we have the campsites cleaned and open."

Over the next few weeks, park staff members will work to remove debris that was washed into the Roaring River valley by the high water. They will also clean up additional trees that were uprooted by flood waters.

"We will have to do a more thorough assessment once all the water has fully receded," said Reid.

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