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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

With the genesis of summer swiftly approaching, the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library is in the process of preparing for the annual Summer Reading Program.

This year, the themes include "Dig Into Reading" for children, "Beneath the Surface" for teens and "Groundbreaking Reads" for adults. Last year's program proved to be a success, with approximately 1,700 participants, and nearly 6,100 people enjoyed the library's summer activities.

"It is an educational experience," said Verna Fry, head of the Cassville library's youth services. "We are hoping that after a speaker presents, participants will go and read more about the topic."

In order to prepare for this upcoming summer's program, the library is gathering donations from the community. They are asking for monetary support, as well as coupons for free items or services from area businesses. The monetary donations help curb the cost of hosting the summer reading program, and the coupons work as incentives to get young readers to participate and earn rewards.

"A lot of planning goes into the summer reading program," said Fry, "It is a lot like a teacher figuring out what activities she wants for an upcoming semester, such as crafts and snacks."

All the branches of the Barry-Lawrence Regional Library decide what activities would be best for their particular branch, then they coordinate guest speakers and activities throughout the summer to serve the people from each branch.

"Much logistics and planning go into bringing in outside presenters," continued Fry. "We get the dates figured out for these presenters, then we open the other dates for local community presenters."

Because of the cost to bring in outside presenters, the monetary donations from the community open more opportunities for presenters, who entertain the children and encourage them to read.

In last summer's library reading program, the Cassville Library invited the Birds of Prey from the Dickerson Park Zoo. The speakers brought live birds, and told how they interacted in captivity, and in the wild.

"The library is an important part of the community," stated Fry. "It also helps children retain what they have learned throughout the summer months."

For more information about this year's summer reading program, or any activities hosted by the Cassville Branch library, call 417-847-2121, or e-mail the branch at

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