Cedar pollen shows up on lake

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photo by Tammy Trantham

This week, David Casaletto, Ozarks Water Watch president and executive director, issued a release regarding yellow colored plumes that were showing up on Table Rock Lake. According to the release, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources identified the plumes as cedar pollen. "The index (April 9) was right to concentrate the pollen together," said Casaletto. "We got calls from Indian Point and Kimberling City on Table Rock Lake. If you looked out on the lake, you could see the plumes out there. The way I understand it is that it is not that unique. There is just a short period of time during the spring when cedar trees bloom." During that time, cedar trees take on a reddish color and then begin to release pollen, which covers cars and can cause allergies for those who live, work or recreate near the trees. "It's not hazardous to the fish or the water," said Casaletto. "It's a natural thing that happens. It looks pretty horrible, but it doesn't harm anything and it will be gone in a few days."

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