YMCA announces new youth sports director

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rick Ragsdale is the new youth sports director at the Cassville Area YMCA. Ragsdale replaced Bob Crouthamel and took the reins on Wednesday, March 27.

"We moved here from Kansas City in July," Ragsdale said. "My family lives in Branson, and my wife's family lives in Cassville, so it's better for the grandparents to be close by our daughter, Riley."

Ragsdale brings a wealth of experience to the local program, having previously worked a youth sport position with Prairie Life Fitness in Kansas City.

"I managed the 7- to 13-year-olds there," he said. "I maintained the summer day camps, and we rented out the sports programs."

Ragsdale will now be in charge of the summer youth programs at the Cassville facility.

"I'm just getting used to the spring league," he said. "It's a lot different than Kansas City. I'm in charge of the jerseys, getting the referees and the volunteers, making sure the lesson plans are there, along with supplies for the camp."

Ragsdale moved here with hopes of working with a youth program again.

"I was actually waiting for a position to open up at the new YMCA in Monett when this one came up," Ragsdale said. "I decided to jump on it. I'm glad I did."

Ragsdale and his wife, Kayla, are settling into the community, adjusting to a quieter lifestyle with their daughter.

"It seems in Kansas City that parents pay thousands of dollars for their kids to be in a league, and the only goal is winning," Ragsdale said. "Here, parents are very involved with their children's activities. There's a lot more community involvement."

Ragsdale is not planning any changes to the current programs until he has the opportunity to see how they are working.

"Bob set these up," he said. "I'd like to see how they are working, and if there are improvements to be made, make them. I'll kind of learn things as I go.

"My goals are the same as a parent's," Ragsdale continued. "They want to see their kids treated well, play and be happy. So do I."

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