Identifying fake money

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed

Cassville Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr offered tips for identifying counterfeit bills during the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce's quarterly luncheon on April 9. The event was held at the Barry County Museum. Kammerlohr said counterfeit money is produced both on office copiers and through digital programs and computer printers. The following tips can be used to identify counterfeit money: compare suspect notes to known genuine bills; feel the paper, genuine paper is 75 percent cotton rag; check micro printing; look for the security thread; check color shifting ink; check for the water mark; and feel the ridges. A magnifying glass, a flashlight or an ultra-violet light can assist in detecting counterfeit money. If a community member suspects a subject has given them counterfeit bills they should maintain the bills in their custody, handle the bills as little as possible, get a description of the suspect and contact the police. The quarterly luncheon event was catered by the BBQ Station.

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