Tax would benefit everyone

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Editor,

In response to your article "Local legislators oppose MoDOT tax plan," on April 3, 2013, I have a few concerns.

This is a temporary change and one that benefits everyone. Well-maintained roads provide for safer and more comfortable travel.

As for Representative Fitzpatrick saying in the original article, "It wouldn't make much sense for the people in Barry, Lawrence and Stone counties to fund reconstruction ... that many of them never use, or use sparingly." Well that is nonsense. Saying that people from these counties "never" use the interstates is quite narrow minded.

Once again, a temporary tax that will benefit not only Missouri citizens, but also those who travel through our state seems a small thing. Perhaps better interstates will even increase the number of travelers and therefore help boost our local economies in the long run.


Keather Bumgarner

Galena, Missouri