Voters approve sales tax increase

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On Tuesday, Barry Countians narrowly approved a one-eighth of a cent sales tax that will primarily be used for law enforcement expenses. Less than 17 percent of the county's registered voters visited area polls on April 2.

The county sales tax, which was placed on the general election ballot by the Barry County Commission, received a total of 1,832 "yes" votes and 1,655 "no" votes, which means 52.54 percent of voters approved the tax.

Over 68 percent of voters in the City of Cassville approved the issue. Voters living in 10 of the county's 18 jurisdictions voted in favor of the issue. Over 56 percent of absentee voters also approved the issue.

Barry Countians who cast votes in the Ash, Butterfield/McDonald, Capps Creek, Exeter, Jenkins, Kings Prairie/Pleasant Ridge, Seligman, Washburn and Wheaton precincts opposed the tax.

The county tax was expected to generate about $400,000 in additional revenue for the county. The county commission had indicated that the money would be used to provide additional funding for the prosecuting attorney's office, the sheriff's department and the University of Missouri Extension office in Barry County.

Municipal races

Cassville Mayor Bill Shiveley will remain at the city's leadership helm for another two years. Shiveley received more than four times the number of votes garnered by challenger Tracy Lannum in Tuesday's election.

Cassville residents cast 403 votes in favor of Shiveley. Lannum received 68 votes.

Shiveley expressed surprise and appreciation to Cassville residents who voted in Tuesday's election.

"Thank you so much for your support," said Shiveley.

Although the north and south ward elections were not contested, 195 voters turned out in support of North Ward Alderman Ann Hennigan, who will also continue to serve on the city council. Newcomer Jan Anthony, who was running unopposed, received 164 votes in the south ward municipal election.

Seligman residents cast 41 votes in favor of Jerry Montgomery, who served as the city's mayor until 2011. Jason Raucstadt, who resigned from the leadership position in Seligman until February, received 27 votes.

Stormy Holtzman will join John Starchman and Jan Thomas on the Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees. Starchman received the most votes, 2,286. He was followed by Holtzman, who received 1,959 votes, and Thomas, who received 1,875 votes. Paul Bingham received 1,342 votes, which was not enough to earn a seat on the health board.

School board races

Voters who live in the Cassville School District re-elected incumbents Greg Allen and Hal Smith on Tuesday. Allen received 1,008 votes, and Smith garnered 828 votes. Hermansen received 765 votes.

Other issues

Voters who live in the Eagle Rock-Golden-Mano Fire Protection District approved a one-tenth of a cent tax increase that will be used for operation expenses. The issue received 239 "yes" votes and 123 "no" votes and earned 66.02 percent approval.

The tax increase is estimated to provide the fire protection district with an additional $40,000 to $50,000 in revenue each year.

Exeter Road District voters also approved the continuation of its one-thirteenth of a cent tax levy for four more years, and Wheaton voters approved a one-half of one percent sales tax that will be used for transportation expenses.

All of Tuesday's election results can be found on page 6 of this week's newspaper.

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