Letter to the Editor

Tax could save money

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear editor:

As Barry County voters go to the polls April 2nd to vote on a one-eighth-cent sales tax, here are some things to consider.

A couple of weeks ago, an expensive manhunt took place in Monett, when a Barry County deputy sheriff attempted to serve a felony warrant by himself. Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly, who has had to lay off deputies because of a lack of funds, said at the conclusion of the manhunt that his department was working short-handed at the time the suspect grabbed the deputy's gun and fled.

A few days ago, I asked a law enforcement official from another county how many officers his county sends to make an arrest. He said two and sometimes three officers are sent to make a felony arrest. I submit that this expensive and dangerous manhunt may well have been avoided had two officers been sent to make the arrest.

In view of the manhunt, cattle rustling in the local area and with meth and other drugs in our county, I am voting for the one-eighth-cent sales tax and am hoping my fellow Barry County voters will also vote for it.


Tom Kerr

Monett, Missouri