Letter to the Editor

Small price to pay

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear editor:

Thirteen cents per $100 is a small amount to pay to help improve benefits the citizens of Barry County receive. We rely on law enforcement to protect us every day.

More presence of deputies in the rural areas will help cattle thefts and burglaries. It would help with faster response to emergencies. If you are a victim in one of these circumstances it would be important for the prosecutor's office to be able to speed up the handling of your case.

It is also important to retain the services of the University of Extension Office in Barry County. They assist livestock producers, conduct pesticide training, do soil sample testing and assist with 4-H programs.

Barry County is one of the larger counties in the state of Missouri. It has 773 square miles and 1,056 miles of county roads in addition to state highways. Almost twice the size and amount of roads in Stone County. This is a lot of area for a small amount of deputies to protect us all.

My family is a fourth generation to live and farm in the northeast part of Barry County. This has always been a good place to live and raise a family. Let's work to keep it that way.


O.D. Cope

Aurora, Missouri