BMOC raises $2,500 for Project Graduation

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed Opening number Cassville High School's annual Big Man on Campus pageant attracted 13 lovely contestants this year. The senior boys performed a choreographed dance at the start of this year's show. The event, which was held in the CHS gymnasium on March 23, served as a fundraiser for Project Graduation.

Cassville High School senior Wyatt Warner was crowned as the 2013 Big Man on Campus (BMOC) during this year's pageant, which was held in the CHS gymnasium on March 23. The event, which benefits Project Graduation, raised around $2,500.

"This year's event was very successful," said Jennifer Hanson, who served as event coordinator with Michelle Bright. "We had one of the highest number of seniors participate, which was a major contributing factor to the success of Big Man on Campus."

Over a dozen senior boys participated in this year's pageant. In addition to Warner, participants included: Dean Tolbert, Cody Stehlik, Nicholas Davis, Devere Resto, Dylan Cope, Drew Henbest, Clint Luper, Jerod Stillwill, River Evans, Jake Sizemore, Kevin Callahan and Brandon Jackson.

Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed Lady in red Each Big Man on Campus contestant had the opportunity to answer a question during the evening gown portion of the pageant on March 23. Drew "Mary A. Richman" Henbest, pictured above, was named first runner-up at the close of the 2013 event.

In addition to the 2013 Big Man on Campus title, two runners-up were named and a People's Choice Award was presented to the contestant that collected the most money during the event. Second runner-up honors went to Callahan, and Henbest was crowned first runner-up. Stehlik earned the People's Choice Award.

"The young men who volunteered their time to participate in BMOC did so very willingly and were such great contestants," said Hanson. "They participated in four after school practices and a dress rehearsal the day of BMOC.

"Their senior lady helpers put in a lot of time as well," said Hanson. "They were responsible for creating their talent, putting together wardrobes and taking care of hair and makeup on pageant night."

Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed Big Man on Campus Cassville High School senior Wyatt Warner was named the 2013 Big Man on Campus at this year's pageant, which was held in the CHS gymnasium on March 23. Warner's stage name was Helen Heels. The annual pageant raises funds for the CHS Project Graduation.

Students Nicole McGuffey and Kristen Dotson also served as choreographers for this year's pageant.

"BMOC is such a group effort and largely falls on the shoulders of the young men and women of the graduating class," continued Hanson. "This year's pageant was well organized thanks to the hard work of those participating."

The Cassville R-4 School District maintenance and custodial staff also helped with the stage set up for the event. Jim Bower, Mindi Gates, Darla Horner and Lance Parnell served as this year's pageant judges, and Jon Horner served as the master of ceremonies.

"Thank you to all the students and community who attended this year's BMOC," said Hanson. "The success of Project Graduation really depends on the work of the seniors and their parents and the willingness of the community to participate in the yearly events hosted by Project Graduation."

The community will have a couple more opportunities to help support Project Graduation this year. A rummage sale will be held at the JC Duncan (Rock) Gymnasium beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday, April 13, and the annual Project Graduation Golf Tournament will be held at the Cassville Golf Course on Saturday, April 20.

Project Graduation provides an alcohol- and drug-free graduation celebration for Cassville High School seniors.

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