Corn appointed Seligman mayor

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On March 12, Seligman aldermen appointed Ron Corn to fulfill former mayor Jason Raucstadt's unexpired term who will end at meeting following the April 2 election. The council also hired Wayne Persons as the maintenance supervisor for the city.

The move came after an early morning emergency meeting, held on Feb. 9, to oust former mayor Jason Raucstadt from the maintenance position following an altercation in which Raucstadt reportedly threatened several city employees.

Eric Freeman, mayor pro tem, reported several individuals have agreed to serve in the planning and zoning committee, and are currently getting organized before approaching council.

The park committee is still seeking donations for a splash pad, for the construction of a $7,724 play area, which will provide for 24 jets on a 30-foot splash circle.

Aldermen tabled a resolution to Amend 417, which calls for abolishment of corporate personhood and re-establishes that only people are entitled to inalienable constitutional rights, money is not free speech and regulating political contributions is not equivalent to limiting free speech.

Aldermen are no longer seeking bids on a black trailer, used by city employees. The trailer has had maintenance done and has been put back into service.

Barry Electric has agreed to install light poles in the city, starting in mid-March.

In other business, aldermen:

* Approved Midwest Public Risk as a worker's compensation insurance provider.

* Purchased a 1999 Chevrolet one-ton Silverado for $4,500.

* Opted to keep the lightweight 2002 Chevrolet S-10 for reading water meters and other light tasks.

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