Council appoints new city clerk

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Cassville City Council appointed Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, as city clerk at its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 11.

Prior to making the appointment, aldermen discussed four job descriptions that will be used to advertise open positions at the city over the next few weeks. The descriptions were for city clerk, accounting clerk, a temporary sludge hauler and a full-time parks maintenance employee.

Alderman Terry Heinz, who also served as mayor pro tem during Monday night's meeting, asked if the positions were scheduled for publication at this time.

"No," said Cooper. "They are for you to look at and decide if you have any changes. If they are okay, we will be publishing them in the newspapers."

According to Cooper, the job description for the city clerk position is the same as the one used when the city hired Noelle Harmon last year. Harmon resigned earlier this month.

"The accounting clerk, we don't have right now," said Cooper. "We will be moving over some of the accounting duties from the city clerk. The city clerk will still supervise those duties, but another person will do the day-to-day payroll and accounts payable, accounts receivable.
"The wages on the accounting clerk are lower because it is a new position," added Cooper.

Many of those duties are currently performed by Cooper, who announced she will be retiring on May 3. At that time, the accounting clerk position will replace the finance officer position, which will be eliminated.

"I would like some time to train them," said Cooper. "That person will be coming in and doing a lot of the same things I do now. They will be supervised by the city clerk, though. From a budget standpoint, with this change, the city will come out better."

Alderman Ann Hennigan also pointed out that Dave Ridenour, wastewater technician, has announced his retirement from the city.

"I was sorry to see this," said Hennigan.

"Dave has spent 18 years employment with the city," said Steve Walensky, public works director. "He decided to retire at the end of this month. We appreciate very much his contributions and what he has done and will continue to do for the City of Cassville."

In other business, the Cassville City Council:

* Approved the water meter installation contract and the mowing services renewal contract.

* Discussed the clean-up work being conducted at the Coyote or Flat Creek Trailer Park property on Partridge Drive in Cassville.

* Approved the following purchase orders: $2,347.50, Tri-State Water Resource for the city's annual membership dues; $7,000, Continental Utility for the utility credit card system software; and $2,252.09, Able 2 Products Company for emergency lights and equipment for the 2013 Dodge Charger.

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