Washburn writes off old accounts

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Washburn City Council members agreed to write of over $6,000 in uncollectable utility accounts during the January meeting of the board.

According to Julie Grillone, city clerk, many of the accounts dated back to 2006 or earlier and efforts to track and collect the debts owed by former customers had failed.

Aldermen agreed to write off uncollectable debts in the amount of $6,584.70.

In other business, aldermen approved a bill to update the city code to meet the standards of the Missouri Revised Statutes to prohibit firearms on any city property.

Aldermen also approved the purchase of a welder so public works employees can make small repairs to equipment as needed.

Washburn Police Chief Doug Henry reported the patrol vehicle was in need of new tires, as well as an upgrade to new radar equipment that would cost approximately $1,600. Aldermen approved the tire purchase at the meeting.

A city resident, Bill Lawson, requested permission to replace a drainage whistle in his driveway in addition to widening the approach enough to support a trailer going in and out of the property. Aldermen approved his request as long as he doesn't disturb any meter wells and agrees to repair street damage that may occur while work is underway on the project. Lawson also agreed to bear the financial responsibility for the project.

The next meeting of the Washburn City Council will be at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at city hall.

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