Operation Homefront broadens base to Kansas and Missouri

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit that serves military families, is preparing for the future by opening a new field office to serve military families and wounded soldiers who live in or are returning to Kansas and Missouri.

"Military families already know that change is a part of the deal when serving our country," said Paul Cupach, who will lead the network staff and volunteers for the Kansas and Missouri Operation Homefront base, "This is a new day for Operation Homefront, but the families of our service members in Kansas and Missouri can count on us to be there for them, now and after the deployments to Afghanistan end."

Cupach served in the Air Force for 30 years, retiring last spring as Chief Master Sergeant.

The Operation Homefront objective is to provide emergency financial assistance and other services to the families of service members, and to wounded soldiers. This needed assistance comes in the form of meeting necessities such as rent, utilities and food.

The organization leads more than 4,500 volunteers nationwide and has met more than 590,000 needs for military families since its beginning in 2002.

"Like our military, Operation Homefront has been asking questions like, 'How will our mission need to change? Where will the needs be? What resources will we have and how should those resources be best employed to help the most families?'" said Jim Knotts, President and chief executive officer of Operation Homefront. "These are complicated questions, but it would be irresponsible not to take an active approach to making the changes necessary to continue supporting our troops.

"One of our benefits has always been our forward presence in communities around the country, where we serve our military families face-to-face," continued Knotts. "The change will eliminate some supplication of efforts and costs around administrative and management tasks, which means more of our donations go to serving families."

"As the Operation Homefront community liaison, I'm looking forward to serving the military communities of Kansas and Missouri," Cupach added. "Our donors, who have been so supportive, will continue to have the option of supporting our troops at the local level or wherever the need is greatest around the country."

For more information on Operation Homefront, visit www.operationhomefront.net.

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