Cadets rewarded with school cords

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Special reward JROTC cadets were recently rewarded with school cords at Scott Regional Technology Center in Monett. Pictured above is Cadet First Sergeant Nicholas James, of Monett, pinning the cord on Cadet First Lieutenant Dillon Horlacher, of Cassville.

On Jan. 9 the Junior ROTC rewarded cadets with school cords to represent commitment to the Scott Regional Technology Center, (SRTC) in Monett.

"To us this cord means so much more than being on our right shoulder," said Allyson Cunningham, first year cadet from Exeter High School. "It means being recognized and having a hand in something much bigger than our home schools have to offer."

The school cord is teal and orange representing SRTC colors. The idea came from a cadet who makes bracelets out of parachute cord.

Lt. Col. Maella Blalock, senior army instructor, approached Cadet Anthony Benevidez to make a prototype. The parent booster club liked the idea and funded the work. Each cadet wears a school cord on the left shoulder.

"To me, the cord means respect, loyalty, honesty and commitment," said Cunningham. "Respect, being committed to one school and to one program and understanding how lucky we are to have had this great experience. Loyalty, always being honest and never being ashamed to say it loud, say it proud. Honesty, to be reminded of my creed and that says I do not lie, cheat or steal. Commitment, that I am dedicated, that I have things some kids could only dream of. The meaning of the cord has way more respect than anyone could believe."

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