4-H volunteers wanted for Barry County

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A new 4-H chapter could be coming to Barry County. On Feb. 7, a meeting will be held at Southwest School in Washburn to identify a community leader and at least 10 youth members and establish a structure for the new chapter.

People interested in participating in the club will learn what it takes to get involved in 4-H, and hear about volunteer opportunities with the club, projects to get involved in and opportunities within the 4-H group. They will also receive an opportunity to take part in a general information session on the basics of 4-H.

"Why shouldn't the youth be involved in 4-H?" was the reply from Regional 4-H youth development specialist Jeremy Elliott-Engel when asked the reasons to participate in the organization. 4-H is the largest non-school youth program, and is proven to generate students who will later study math or science, especially girls. Students who participate in a 4-H club are more likely to return to their community after college and help impact their society.

In addition, students who participate in 4-H are nearly two times more likely to get higher grades, twice as likely to have a plan for college, 41 percent less likely to engage in hazardous behavior and 25 percent more likely to positively contribute to their families and community.

"4-H is fun and interesting, and there are also travel opportunities," said Elliott-Engel, "We believe that youth are powerful, and can make a positive impact."

4-H groups also have opportunities to travel outside of the community, as well as impact the member's own community.

For more information about the upcoming Barry County meeting, contact Jeremy Elliott-Engel at elliottengel@missouri.edu.

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