Lawmakers line up against gun regulations

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

State legislators from the local area are going on record with an adamant stance in opposition to any new regulations on firearms.

David Sater, 29th District state senator from Cassville, said legislation has been introduced opposing new restrictions on gun ownership in both the Missouri House and Senate.

"The senate bill says we will not be behind any federal regulation or rule that will take away our guns," Sater said. "I'm firmly behind the Second Amendment and the Constitution of the United States. It should not be altered or removed.

"I will do all I can as the senator from the 29th District to see that our gun rights are not altered," Sater added.

Scott Fitzpatrick, the 158th District state representative for Barry County and rural Pierce City, placed his objections in legislative terms.

"While I am disappointed in the direction the president wants to head with regard to the Second Amendment, I am not surprised by it. For this reason, I have co-sponsored House Bill 170 with my colleagues in the House to pass preemptive legislation that will criminalize the enforcement of any new federal gun control laws that are handed down from this point forward.

"This legislation will make it a state crime for any federal agent or agent of the state, counties or cities to enforce or attempt to enforce new gun control laws," Fitzpatrick said.

"In addition to HB170, I have co-sponsored HB162, which states that any gun manufactured in the state of Missouri, which stays within the boundaries of this state, is not subject to the power of the federal government to regulate it under the intrastate commerce clause.

"Both of these bills will have strong support in the House of Representatives, and I am confident that the Senate will do their part also," Fitzpatrick continued. "Missouri is one of many states that are working on similar legislation to prevent the erosion of the Second Amendment, and I will do all I can in the House to see this legislation move forward in order to block any attempt to reduce our freedom to own the firearms and ammunition magazines we are currently able to purchase."

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