Election to offer contested races

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The upcoming April municipal and school board elections have attracted seven new candidates. A pair of municipalities and one local school board will hold contested races.

Cassville voters will have the opportunity to decide one of the local contested municipal races this spring. Current Mayor Bill Shiveley will be challenged by Tracy Lannum. North Ward Alderman Ann Hennigan has also filed for re-election. She is running unopposed.

The other contested municipal race will be held in Seligman, where current Mayor Jason Raucstadt will face off against former Mayor Jerry Montgomery and newcomer Roy Carrothers.

Eric Freeman, west ward alderman, has also filed for a new two-year term on the council. He will not face a challenger in April.

Ward Two Alderman Wayne Rupp has also filed for a new term on the Purdy City Council. Newcomer Robert Moser will join Rupp on the council. Moser has filed for one of two open ward one alderman seats. Neither Steve Roden nor Sean Priest filed for re-election and will therefore be leaving the council.

The Washburn, Butterfield, Wheaton and Exeter municipal elections will feature only unopposed incumbents.

Washburn Mayor John Tiedeman and East Ward Aldermen Mary Roller and Amanda Crim have all filed for re-election.

Mark Thomas, east ward alderman, and Guadalupe Meza, west ward alderman, have filed for new two-year terms on the Butterfield Council.

Incumbents Donnie Powell, Wheaton mayor, Naomi Young, Wheaton west ward alderman, and David Shockley, Wheaton east ward alderman, are seeking new terms.

Exeter Mayor Rusty Reed, South Ward Alderman Rhonda Scott and North Ward Alderman Jim Morse are also seeking re-election.

School board elections

New candidates have filed for seats on three local school boards. Only unopposed incumbents have filed for seats on the other four school boards.

Cassville School Board incumbents Greg Allen and Hal Smith will be challenged by one new candidate, Wade Hermansen.

Incumbents Ed Mareth, Purdy School Board, and Bobby Stephens, Southwest School Board, will be joined by new candidates Todd Schallert and Brian Robbins, who have filed for the Purdy and Southwest boards respectively.

The Exeter, Wheaton and Shell Knob school board elections will feature only unopposed incumbents.

Eric O'Neill and Brad Porter have filed for new terms on the Exeter R-6 School Board, and Dan Goostree and Kendall Haynes, have re-filed for the Wheaton R-3 School Board.

Shell Knob School Board members Rusty Rickard and Johnathan Gray have also filed for new two-year terms.

The municipal and school board elections will be held on Tuesday, April 2.

Late filings: Late Tuesday afternoon, Jan Anthony filed for the Cassville south ward alderman seat that will be vacated by Jeff Parsons in April. Parsons did not file for re-election.

There were also two late filings for the Purdy municipal election. Steve Roden, who previously served as a ward one alderman, has filed for the position of mayor, and Larry Rickman has filed for the ward one alderman seat that will be vacated by Roden.

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