Mercy Clinic welcomes nurse practitioner

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mercy Clinic Family Medicine in Cassville has welcomed a new nurse practitioner. Polly Diehl, MSN, NP-C is available to serve area community members at the clinic, which adjoins Mercy Hospital Cassville.

"I chose a career in nursing for the simple reason that many people do, to help those in need," said Diehl. "I chose a career in nursing to deliver comfort, to heal, to serve and to teach, and I feel fortunate every day that I can do one or better yet all of these things."

Diehl, who is from the small community of Lone Jack, located about 15 miles outside Warrensburg, moved to Aurora with her husband Dr. Jefferey Diehl, around 15 years ago. Diehl's husband works at Mercy Hospital Aurora.

Diehl completed an associate of science in nursing in 2001 and a bachelor of science in nursing in 2005 at the St. John's School of Nursing of SBU.

"I have been in healthcare for 22 years," said Diehl. "I began as a youth volunteer at the age of 14 years old in Kansas City, Mo., at a teaching hospital."

Diehl also worked as a nursing assistant and a lab technician before she earned her undergraduate degrees.

"I went to nursing school, worked in the ICU (intensive care unit) for years as a charge nurse, mentor and clinical instructor before I went to nurse practitioner school," said Diehl.

After welcoming the couple's first child, who is now 5, Diehl earned her master's degree in rural family nurse practitioner at the University of Central Missouri.

"I have always worked in Springfield, but wanted to serve in the community my husband and I have lived in for the last 15 years and serve the community our 5-year-old will be going to school in," said Diehl. "I feel I can relate to a rural community because that is the community I grew up in.

"My grandparents and my parents all farmed, and still do, so that is a life that I can completely relate to," said Diehl. "I feel I understand the unique set of challenges it presents not only to daily life but to healthcare delivery as well."

Diehl and her husband have three daughters, 21-year-old Milana, who is majoring in nursing, 18-year-old Brianna, who is majoring in physical therapy, and 5-year-old Emma.

She also has a step-daughter, Sarah, who works as a neuro-trama registered nurse at Mercy Springfield, and two sons-in-law, Brian and Keith.

Diehl is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the American Heart Association. She is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

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