Letter to the Editor

Gun control is not the answer

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear editor,

Before the parents (in Newtown, Conn.) had time to grieve, the liberals were crying gun control. It's in their DNA.

Let's take a look at where we are in America. About 40 years ago, liberals started a drive to remove God and prayer from schools and all government buildings with the help of liberal organizations like the ACLU. They had a measure of success.

In 2012, it went to the top. The Democrats removed God from their political platforms. I don't know if half the Democrats in America want God out of the platform perhaps, but I do know half of the Democratic National Convention did.

The platform has abortion on demand, including partial birth. Each year in America, there are thousands of babies killed via abortion, with the blessing of the most powerful and liberal party in the USA.

Liberals are running as fast as they can from the values that made the USA the greatest nation on earth, and when the chickens come home to roost they yell gun control. It's all they know.

You can pass all the gun control laws you want, but nothing will change until we return to the values that made this a great nation. That will never happen as long as we're in the firm grasp of liberalism.


Mitchell Beeson

Monett, Missouri