Council approves 2013 budget

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Dec. 17, the Cassville City Council approved the second reading of an ordinance to adopt the 2013 budget, which will total over $4.4 million. The budget adopted during the special meeting on Monday, includes $369,116 in additional revenue and $363,581 in additional expenses than the budget reviewed in November.

"There are not many changes," said Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer. "I did make the changes to the rates."

The 2013 budget message includes information on the water and sewer rate increases that were approved at the last council meeting.

"A rate increase of 1.7 percent for the base fee and a usage fee of 20 cents per 1,000 gallons on water and 30 cents per 1,000 gallons on sewer was approved by city council following the public hearing Dec. 10," Cooper wrote in the budget message. "Of this increase, the base fee will be applied to operations and the usage fee will be segregated for asset acquisition or repair, as needed, for water and sewer departments after the reserve balances are positive."

According to the budget, the city expects to receive $631,047 in revenue from water fees and $652,893 in revenue from sewer fees in 2013. The budget reviewed in November only included $600,000 in revenue from water fees and $616,600 in revenue from sewer fees.

The approved budget also estimates that water expenses will total $519,677 and sewer expenses will total $447,971 next year. The budget approved with the first reading earlier this year showed $516,709 in water expenditures and $447,022 in sewer expenditures.

In addition to including the newly approved utility rates, Cooper included the meter replacement program in the revised budget. The program, which will be funded by certifications of participation (COP) bonds, will increase both the total revenue and total expenses of the 2013 budget by $285,000.

Cooper indicated that one expenditure and one capital improvement project, totaling $6,600, were not included in the 2013 budget. The extra expense is for an increase in the city hall cleaning contract from $600 to $750 per month.

The $4,800 capital improvement expenditure, which was approved by the council on Nov. 12, will cover the cost of double chip and seal work on the gravel street between Meadow Valley and Clover Drive.

Both of the extra expenditures will be covered by a $17,000 contingency in the general fund, which was earmarked for administrator benefits.

"I'm also assuming that we will be at the reserve amounts by year end," said Cooper. "If we don't meet those by the end of the year, we will meet them in January. We are really close."

During the special meeting, the council also voted to amend the 2012 budget to actuals.

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