Crowder College eliminates out-of-state tuition fees

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Crowder College Board of Trustees has voted to eliminate out-of-state tuition costs. This change will take effect in the fall of 2013.

Waiving out-of-state tuition costs is something the college has done for border state students through the College Connections scholarship, but it will soon be available for all out-of-state students.

"With the proximity of our locations all being 20 miles or less from surrounding states," said Cindy Brown, director of public information for Crowder College, "it gives Crowder an opportunity to offer very competitive programs to students at a reduced rate."

The opening of the McDonald County campus allows for even more opportunities for students who may not have previously considered Crowder. Potential growth in traditional classes might be impacted, but there is prospective growth for online courses.

Based on the current tuition rates, the savings for out-of-state students would be $29 per credit hour.

Tuition for students registered in a Crowder district will see a discounted tuition rate of $77 per credit hour. In-district tuition is granted to those who live in the school districts of Neosho, McDonald County, Diamond, East Newton and Seneca.

For more information about the waived out-of-state tuition, contact Brown at 417-455-5540.

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