Letter to the Editor

Blessed to live in Cassville

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear editor,

Cassville is such a wonderful place to live. A couple of weeks ago, my family and I suffered the tragic loss of Kristine. I am writing to share my experiences where our community took me by the hand, by the grace of God, and helped to lead me and my family through the first days of a difficult journey we are embarking upon.

We have wonderful emergency services personnel. As you might imagine, I was not in the best of state when I found that Kristine had passed. Our emergency personnel (911, the police, the ambulance personnel and the coroner) were all calming and respectful. They respectfully took action so that the body was removed before the children got out of bed. It was wonderful seeing the respect that these persons had for me in this very difficult time.

We have a wonderful school. I was fumbling to find the school's phone number to let them know what was going on, and the phone rang. It was the guidance counselor of one of my children calling asking if she and one other counselor could come to our home.

Upon their arrival I was asked what they could do for me and my response was at the moment I did not know. What happened was amazing to me. They told me that they had cancelled all of their appointments for the day and they were here to help as they could.

They took the children out of our home, which was bustling at this point, for a play day. It was such a blessing to me to be able to focus on the difficult day that was ahead without having to concern myself, for a few hours, about the welfare of my children.

The school also, in the following days, acted respectfully to assist the children in their return to their classes. This doesn't happen in every community.

We have wonderful caring people in Cassville. Neighbors came into our home and started cleaning, doing laundry and bringing food; it was truly the bustle in the house the morning after death. I was so thankful for those persons stepping up and taking care of me. I feel very blessed to live in a community that takes care of their people.

There is no place on Earth, where I would prefer to live. We do things a little different in Cassville, and we are all blessed because of this.


David Samuel

Cassville Missouri