Back on the map

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After incorrectly identifying Cassville as Kirksville for some time, Google Maps has finally corrected its mistake. Cassville is now correctly named on all Google search maps.

Over the last few months, several local community members worked to correct the mistake. Mindi Artherton, Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, sent requests for a correction to Google, spoke with the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce regarding the issue and asked the Kirksville Chamber director and the Cassville Chamber Board members to send requests to Google. Cassville City Clerk Noelle Harmon also sent requests for a correction to Google. Other community members responded to an editorial published in the Cassville Democrat and requested additional corrections by visiting maps.google.com.

We appreciate each effort to bring the mistake to Google's attention, and although it took some time, we are thankful that Google finally made the correction that has placed Cassville back on the map.

Lindsay Reed