Letter to the Editor

A note of gratitude

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear editor,

Recently, I and five other veterans from Pella, Iowa, were in Branson to take part in the Veterans Day Parade. The city of Branson and the surrounding communities must be commended for all the work and organization it takes to put on Veterans Week. This was my third year and hopefully just the beginning of many years in the future.

On Sunday morning, we were lining up for the parade with time to spare. We visited with other participants and onlookers passing through the area. Then along came this young lady with her parents and handed all of our guys a card. It was a beautifully done business size card.

On this card was written: "Issued to America's Veterans 'I.O.U.' More than I can ever repay for your service and sacrifice to ensure my safety, my freedom and for the privilege to live in the greatest country on earth. Thanks." The card also read Cassville Memorial Jr. Girls Unit 4205.

After she had moved on to other veterans, we wished we would have gotten her name and a picture of this outstanding young person. With her passing out this card, she touched the heart of all of our guys.

We had driven to Branson with the POW/MIA remembrance truck in the parade. I have put the card on the mirror of my dresser and read it every morning and remember the special young lady from Cassville.


Al Van Zee

Vietnam veteran

Pella, Iowa