BCHD reviews budget options

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees reviewed the 2013 budget at its regularly scheduled meeting on Nov. 15.

According to the budget, 2013 revenues are estimated to be $956,277. The health department receives funding through county tax revenues, intergovernmental revenues and charges for services.

County tax revenues will offer the largest percentage of the health department's revenues next year. The department expects to collect $315,440.

The second largest percentage of the revenues will come through the health department's WIC (Women, Infant, Child) funding, which is estimated at $287,963 for 2013.

Core public health functions contract funding, which has decreased significantly over the last few years is estimated to be around $39,000 next year.

The health department also projects that it will receive around $40,000 in clinic service fees, $15,000 in family planning fees and $8,000 in flu immunization fees.

The health board is considering three budget options, which will determine the amount of expenditures next year. The options call for no salary increase, a 1 percent salary increase or a 2 percent salary increase.

If the board approves the budget without a salary increase, expenditures are estimated to be $934,964. The 1 percent salary increase option will increase expenditures by $6,210 to $941,174, and the 2 percent salary increase option will add $12,420 and bring the total expenditures to $947,384.

Salaries and benefits account for the health department's largest expenditure and are estimated to total $732,306 without a pay increase.

The budget estimates that it will require nearly $84,000 to operate the health department's main office in Cassville. An additional $18,500 will be needed to operate the Monett satellite facility.

The medical department will receive $45,700 for operating expenses, and the WIC department will receive $29,500. The environmental department will operate under a $25,000 budget.

The health board has taken the budget proposals under consideration. It will be further reviewed at the December board meeting.

During the meeting, Carol Landstad, public health programs coordinator, reported that there have been five confirmed cases of influenza in Barry County this year. Although the flu has been confirmed in the county nearly three months earlier this year than last, Landstad said it is not unusual to see cases of influenza in November, which is considered the beginning of the flu season.

The Barry County Health Department still has flu vaccines available. Community members are invited to visit the health department during regular hours to receive the vaccination.

In other business, the Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees:

* Approved the service fees report, which showed that the health department collected $6,330.21 in service fees in October. Fees were up over 40 percent when compared to the $4,517 in fees collected in October of 2011.

* Reviewed and approved the service counts, which showed that 1,069 services were provided at the Cassville office and $970 services were provided at the Monett office last month.

* Heard that Roger Brock, administrator, and Jan Cox and Christina Marcum, environmental public health services, attended an emergency preparedness training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Ala.

* Approved the environmental report, which showed that 15 wastewater systems were permitted and 19 routine food inspections and two childcare inspections were completed in October.

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