Council reviews departmental reports

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Cassville City Council reviewed departmental reports during its regularly scheduled meeting on Nov. 13. The reports included information on city finances, the police department and public works.

Noelle Harmon, city clerk, reported that the council has decided not to fill the city administrator position in 2013. The salary savings will instead by used for capital purchases.

Harmon also reported that she attended a city clerk meeting in Aurora on Oct. 24. The topic of the event was an update of the state liquor laws.

Harmon plans to review the documents received at the meeting and compare the new laws to Cassville's procedures for issuing liquor licenses.

Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, reported that "the positive trend on cash balances has resulted in a 27 percent gain since the first of the year." The increase in cash balances is up 1 percent when compared to Cooper's October finance report.

The water and sewer funds continue to fall below the cash balance requirements designated by the Cassville City Council.

The water fund is currently down $14,159. The fund balance decreased $79,460 over the last month due to repairs at well 1B, which cost $19,070, and the annual tower maintenance payment, which is $53,903.

The sewer fund is $71,727 below the cash balance requirement. The fund increased $74,825 over the last month.

Cooper also reported that sales taxes decreased 2.3 percent in October. The decrease dropped the year to date sales tax revenue increase to less than 1 percent when compared to 2011.

Public works

Steve Walensky, public works director, reported that the city's six wells pumped 15,610,000 gallons of water during October. The city reported a 15.94 percent water lose during the month. Water department employees replaced one failed meter, repaired two water leaks and performed 38 work orders.

Crew members have completed 100 percent of the GPS project field work. The city is now waiting to receive the updated GPS file. Over 20 existing manholes were discovered through this process.

The house clean-up at the airport property has been completed. Walensky and Harmon are now working with city attorneys to locate the ordinances that pertain to hanger lease agreements. Those that have been located will be shared with the Barry County Assessor's office and the Barry County Collector's office.

The collection team cleaned 8,157 feet and televised 406 feet of sewer line last month. The number of feet televised and cleaned was cut in half after the camera failed and was sent to Aries for repair.

Crew members have also completed a sewer audit of the Wildwood Subdivision through dye testing. Two homes were added to the sewer system billing system that were not being charged in the past.

Street department crew members are preparing for winter weather. Salt has been ordered from MFA and a replacement supplier was located for cinders. Truck 10 was used to transport two truckloads from McCabe Minerals in Weir, Kan.

Around 12,600 gallons or 12 loads of sludge were hauled from the wastewater treatment plant. The city had no lagoon discharge during the month of October.

Walensky and Steve Henderson, wastewater treatment plant operator, toured PDC in Springfield in order to examine the business as a potential laboratory for compliance with the new Environmental Protection Agency Quality Control procedures.

The public works department spent $644.08 on maintenance and repairs of vehicles in October. The year to date total for fleet repairs is $14,390.94.

Police departmental

Cassville Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr reported that officer Danny Crabb has resigned from the department. His last day will be Nov. 18. Kammerlohr also reported that officer Jason Manning has completed field officer training.

The police department received 501 calls for service through central dispatch in October. A total of 343 report numbers were generated during the month.

Officers conducted 52 traffic stops last month. The following citations were issued: four, speeding; 18, license violations; one, failure to signal; and one, lane violation. One investigative summons was also issued.

Narrow banding of the city's storm sirens has been completed.

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