County voters re-elect incumbents

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Incumbents were the winners in the only two contested races for Barry County office in Tuesday's election.

Wayne Hendrix, a Democrat, defeated Gary Davis, a Republican, in the race for Barry County southern commissioner. Hendrix received 4,203 votes (57.21 percent) to Davis' 3,140 (42.74 percent).

Sheriff Mick Epperly easily won a fifth term in office, capturing 64.65 percent of the vote. Epperly received 8,620 votes while his challenger, Randall Munday, a Democrat, collected 4,632 votes.

All the other county races were uncontested and decided during the August primary.

Assessor Sherry Sears and Coroner Jim Fohn, both Republicans, received 11,779 and 12,087 votes respectively. A total of 5,309 votes were cast for Gary Schad, who earned the northern commissioner's seat. Pam Modlin, who will serve as the county's new public administrator, earned 11,599 votes during the general election.

Barry County results for national and state office were not surprising.

The majority of Barry County voters (71.03 percent) supported the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket with 9,832 votes cast in favor of the Republicans. Democrats Barak Obama and Joe Biden earned 3,667 Barry County votes.

The vote for governor was closer among county voters. Republican candidate David Spence tallied 7,769 votes to 5,491 for Democrat incumbent Jay Nixon.

In the race for District 158 representative, Scott Fitzpatrick, a Republican, soundly defeated Sue Beck, a Constitution candidate. Fitzpatrick won 79.21 percent of the vote with 10,103 ballots cast in his favor. Beck picked up 2,614 votes.

Local voters overwhelmingly opposed Constitutional Amendment 3, which changes the way judges are selected for the Missouri Supreme Court and the state's three Courts of Appeals. The issue received 9,395 "no" votes compared to 3,127 "yes" votes.

Barry Countians also voted against Proposition B, which imposes new sales taxes on tobacco products and creates a fund for tobacco-use prevention programs and elementary, secondary, college and university operations. The issue received 8,238 "no" votes and 5,240 "yes" votes.

Over 67 percent of county residents who took part in Tuesday's election approved Proposition E, which prohibits the Missouri governor or any state agency from establishing or operating a state-based health insurance exchange unless authorized by the Missouri General Assembly or a vote of the Missouri public. Proposition E received 8,621 "yes" votes and 4,152 "no" votes.

Almost 68 percent of registered voters in Barry County turned out to vote on Tuesday. A total of 13,937 ballots were cast in the general election. Complete but unofficial Barry County election results can be found on page 8.

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