Newspaper intern to assist with Iowa campaign

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cassville Democrat intern Mati Spencer has received the opportunity to work on the campaign for Steve King in Souix City, Iowa, Nov. 2 through Nov. 7.

"I received this opportunity through Generation Joshua (GenJ), which is a program committed to training the leaders of the next generation," said Spencer. "The specific program I am participating in is Student Action Teams (SAT) in which I, and all SAT students, will be sent to our specific campaign on election week to promote our candidate."

SAT students are responsible for conducting door-to-door campaigns, handing out literature about their candidates, calling registered voters to encourage them to cast a ballot and waving signs for their candidate on roadsides.

"GenJ members apply for a position on SAT, and then are given their assignment," said Spencer. "I found out about the program through an email my mom received. I was very excited about the prospect of working on the campaign, so I became a GenJ member, applied for a position on SAT, was accepted and now I am going to Souix City, Iowa, to campaign for Steve King.

"I encouraged several of my friends who are very interested in politics to sign up as well," continued Spencer. "Now a whole group from this region is going to Souix City."

Spencer, who is from the Washburn area, has served as an intern for the Cassville Democrat since last spring. She writes a variety of articles for the newspaper each month.

The homeschool student has also served as a writer and member of the Writer's Board for Back to Homeschool Magazine and has written world news articles for another local homeschool co-op.

Spencer plans to pursue a degree in journalism after completing her high school education.

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