Purdy resident contributes artistic abilities to Eagles

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Community art Marvin Carney, of Purdy, has taken on the project of painting golden eagles at the school and other properties. Pictured above is Carney with a display of his artwork.

Marvin Carney, of Purdy, recently painted gold eagles on the ends of the Purdy R-2 School campus buildings. The entrance to the elementary wing features a pair of eagles on the sidewalk.

Carney designed the eagle stencil, which he patterned after the eagle featured on the school district's letterhead stationery. Merle Ash, from Ozark Mountain Steel, constructed the stencil.

Carney painted eagles on Superintendent Steven Chancellor's driveway and plans to do the same for each of the principals. Eagles, created by Carney, are also featured at Redshaw's Auto, Purdy's Little Diner and Country Corner.

The next phase of Carney's plan involves installing steel eagle silhouettes, constructed by Ozark Mountain Steel, on each of the buildings. He is also planning to paint eagles on the backs of the baseball field dugouts and concession stand and a set of eagle tracks running around Gabby Gibbons Dr., which circles the campus.

"I got the idea from a school in Arkansas that had tiger tracks around its buildings," said Carney. "It was really something to see."

Those interested in having an eagle on their property can call Carney at 417-236-2060.

"I don't charge anything," said Carney. "I would gladly take a donation for paint, but it isn't necessary. This is just something I want to do."

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