Council reviews departmental reports

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Cassville City Council reviewed departmental reports during its regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 8. The reports included information on city finances, the police department and public works.

Steve Walensky, public works director, reported that all of the parks department's normal maintenance activities were completed on schedule during the month of September. Crew members are continuing to rebuild the dugouts at the city park. Around 75 percent of that project has been completed.

Crew members also completed infield repairs on field #3, cleaned out storm gates, added rocks to the street right-of-way along City Park Road to ensure vehicles stay on the road and off the fields, lowered the swings and replaced some of the worn signage in the parks. At the south park, crews trimmed trees along the soccer fields, reseeded soccer field #1, continued to water the trees and soccer fields and continued to spray for weeds.

Walensky also reported that the city's six wells pumped 15,143,000 gallons of water during September. The city reported a 23 percent water lose during the month. Water department employees replaced six failed residential meters, repaired two water leaks and performed 42 work orders.

"We have met the department service level commitment goal of completing each request with the service timeframe," said Walensky.

Utility Services started maintenance for water tower 1A, which will be repaired and painted inside and out. This portion of the project will complete the tower maintenance one year ahead of schedule, said Walensky.

The water department has completed around half of its GPS mapping project. The request for proposals for the meter replacement project has been approved by Don Cupps, city attorney, and will be issued this month.

The collection crew cleaned 16,756 feet and televised 2,653 feet of sewer line last month. The crew has also completed the inspections of grease traps for the month.

"The team ran the camera in the eight-inch sewer line that crosses Flat Creek at Rocky Edmondson Park," said Walensky. "We could only go 174 feet because the main is full of rock. We will work to clear the line and then continue the camera work.

"Our camera ran all of the County Farm Road to determine the source of inflow an infiltration (I and I) upstream," said Walensky. "We did not find any source of I and I coming in the line."

The street department performed normal sign repairs and street right-of-way maintenance, responded to customer requests for pothole repairs and completed weed eating on the Sapp Street ditch.

Around 35,000 gallons or 25 loads of sludge were hauled from the wastewater treatment plant. The city had no lagoon discharge during the month of September due to the ongoing drought.

The treatment plant crew successfully removed a bad sump pump. The new equipment has arrived and will be installed this month. Clarifier #3 also failed last month. It was repaired by crew members and returned to service. Due to the low flow, this did not cause a disruption in plant operations, said Walensky.

The public works department spent $315.94 on maintenance and repairs of vehicles in September. The year to date total for fleet repairs is $13,746.86.

Walensky attended the Tri-State Water Coalition Board meeting in Springfield in September. The board received the Southwest Missouri Water Resource Study Phase 1, completed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, which forecasts water demand from 2010 to 2060 for 16 counties in southwest Missouri.

Police department

Cassville Police Chief Dana Kammerlohr reported that the city police department received 510 calls for service through central dispatch in September. A total of 349 report numbers were generated during the month.

The police department conducted 55 traffic stops last month. The following citations were issued: five, speeding; 15, license violations; two, equipment violations; and three, moving violations. One investigative summons was also issued.

The department was awarded a bullet proof vest grant through the United States Justice Department. The grant totaled $6,426 and will require a $3,213 match from the city. Kammerlohr is applying for the LLEB/Jag Grant for other safety equipment.

Finance department

Darelyn Cooper, city finance officer, reported that "the positive trend on cash balances has resulted in a 26 percent gain since the first of the year." Although the general and water funds have exceeded the designated cash balance requirements set by the council, the sewer fund is $146,552.57 below its requirement.

Cooper also reported that sales taxes decreased 14.4 percent in September. The city has collected 1.2 percent more in sales tax revenue this year compared to 2011.


Noelle Harmon, city clerk, met with two members of the Cassville Main Street Association and the co-owner of Great River Engineering to inspect the courthouse square and scope out a possible project for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) grant funding. The council is considering applying for the grant.

Harmon also attended the annual Midwest Public Risk (MPR) conference and the Misosuri Municipal League conference. At the MPR conference, she learned that the city now has access to online training in the areas of safety and environmental, human resources, health and wellness, customer service and law enforcement and jail through the company, which is now providing the city's property/liability and workers' comp insurance.

Harmon has also been working with Walensky to finalize the bid specifications for repairs at city hall. In addition to the repair work to the exterior wall and bricks at the city hall, the project will include roof repairs at the city hall and the airport facility.

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