Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What a picture

Dear Editor:

Isn't it a shame that "we the people" are being led along a path of forceful thinking? Our rights of expressing an opinion, whether it might be right or wrong, isn't in this picture. The right to say yes or no isn't in this picture.

We want our names on this picture, and we listen to how big monies can buy pretty paint to cover over many mistakes that have been painted in this picture by artists of the past who held broad brushes with synthetic bristles that left ugly streaks.

Let's hurry and build a larger frame, buy a larger canvas and a broader brush, paint another picture, even though we're not for sure just how or where it will hang. Oh no! We've forgotten about our easel having the main leg. That's alright. We can prop it up against something.

Could this be a warning sign? A warning that maybe a larger picture isn't what we need?

Heavens no. Our government says it will give us plenty of money to buy a larger easel, more paint to cover the ugly streaks if by chance our broader brushes should happen to slip. No warning. No problem. Just do it. Let someone else be accountable for the ugly streaks.

Just drive along any of our Missouri highways and country roads and check out the side of the ditches and fence rows. If we can say "isn't this a beautiful picture" something is definitely wrong with our eyesights.

Is this what big government monies gives us? Not pride, respect, honesty, thankfulness and last, and the least of all, literacy?

The minority of our people have worked diligently to keep heads above water by being careful as not to make our pictures too large and to use a steady hand with a small brush and to be accountable for every stroke we paint. But, the picture we are seeing now, and have seen, going on 60 or so years, is very heartbreaking.

More taxation, less accountability. Our young people being left holding bags of indebtedness just because of generations who have sat back and depended on the government of the United States of America, which is supposed to be "of the people, and for the people," to take care of the big picture.

Are we going to continue to let big monies crash and trash the most beautiful picture that was ever painted? The picture of life, love and liberty that was given to us by the Creator of everything. Yes, everything.

Come on people. Let's let God be God. Let's stop letting someone cover up big ugly streaks and mistakes. Let us stand up and start being accountable for our own beings, now.

This being election time, would be the perfect time to start showing accountability by cleaning up the pictures we are trying to paint with such big brushes and big monies. We should start by using the God given hands, senses and small brushes that we were given at the beginning of our lives.

Let us clean out the side ditches and the fence rows, starting from communities, districts, states and on up to the White House government. Let us use these big monies to teach literacy so the warning signs will be read and understood. Otherwise, we are going to be covered up with so much debris our siblings will never know how pretty the small pictures could have been.

We have been given all that we need to live our lives for the Creator each day, but it won't help if we don't read and practice what the pages say.

Lord help us all.

Most sincerely,

J. Ann Jump

Purdy, Missouri

Players are great representatives

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to thank the Cassville High School football boys who came to the park to help out the Eagle Rock Library. They were great in letting me take their picture. Our town should be proud of the respectful young men who are setting examples for the younger children. This group is one that the whole town should be proud of. Good luck in the rest of your games, and thank you again for setting such a good standard for the younger 'Cats.


Jennifer Cochran


Regional Library

Eagle Rock Branch


Eagle Rock, Missouri