Sisters complete new mural

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Peaceful picture Democrat Photo/Lindsay Reed Sisters Vida Finch and Margaret Jump have completed a beautiful mural in the quiet room at the ARC of the Ozarks Cassville Day Center. Finch's son, Steven, one of the program participants, said that his favorite aspect of the mural is a covered wagon sitting beside a waterway. Pictured above, from left, are: Vida and Steven Finch and Jump.

Although it only took three weeks to paint a mural in the quiet time room at the ARC of the Ozarks' Cassville Day Center, the masterpiece, which was designed and painted by local artists and sisters Vida Finch and Margaret Jump, will be enjoyed by current and future ARC clients for many years.

"The individuals who use the day center love it," said Kori Catlett, program manager. "They think it is 'neato.' That's what they say. Each one is able to pick something out of the mural that they really relate to."

After the Cassville Day Center was renovated and repainted, Catlett was interested in adding a creative work of art in the quiet room.

Program participants help create painting Democrat Photo/Reed A hand-painted tree limb has been added in the foyer area at the ARC of the Ozarks' Cassville Day Center facility. Day center participants' hand prints have been incorporated into the painting as leaves. The creative work of art was designed and completed by Margaret Jump. Pictured above, in the front row, from left, are: Susan Spry, Martha Lujan and Harold Pierce. Second row: Jump, Jaime McGohan and Evelyn York.

"My son, Steven, is autistic and attends class here," said Finch. "We love the day center. It has been the best program he has participated in."

Finch and Catlett became acquainted through Steven. After learning about the mural created by Finch and Jump at the senior center, Catlett decided to approach Finch regarding the quiet room project.

"She asked me if she could help her do something in that room," said Finch. "I told her that we would just do it. Margaret had volunteered me for the mural projects before so this was my chance to get even with her, so I volunteered her to help me with this mural."

Finch and Jump spent three weeks painting the mural, which takes up three-quarters of one wall in the room. The mural depicts the sisters' vision of the Ozarks.

"The only thing we didn't put in there was a snake," said Jump.

"And we're not going to," Finch added with a laugh.

"There are no snakes in our world," said Jump.

Finch and Jump said that they enjoyed their time with the individuals who attend the day program. Many of the program participants took time to come in and watch the sisters as they painted the mural.

"This is what we like doing," said Jump. "We hope that Kori will be able to use the mural as a teaching tool or for storytelling."

"We enjoyed every day that we were here working," said Finch. "We hate to go home and do housework now."

In addition to the mural, Jump and Finch painted a beautiful tree limb in the foyer of the day center. The limb features leaves that were created using hand prints from each of the program participants.

This is the third mural the sisters have completed in the Cassville community. Jump and Finch have painted two murals at the Cassville Senior Center and one at the Cox Medical Center in Cassville. Although most of their murals feature Ozarks life, one of the murals at the senior center is dedicated to United States veterans.

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